Bah Humbug No More!

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Bah Humbug No More!


At the beginning of the holiday season, I wrote about how much I don’t like the holiday season. Now that the holidays have come and gone, I thought I would give you guys an update on how much of a Scrooge I was.


Overall, I think my attitude did shift this holiday season. I still had some days where I was a complete grump, but it felt like there were less.


Let me tell you what I did that helped change my bahumbug-ness. It all started by recognizing that I become a grump this time of year and that I want to change it. This way when I would find myself starting to turn as green as the Grinch himself, I could stop myself and say, “Steph, you are starting down that path again, this isn’t what you told yourself you wanted to be doing.” Looking back at it now, once I recognized it, I was able to change it. Sometimes, it took longer to acknowledge the green tint coming over me rather than others, and by seeing it, I was able to change it. 


I also asked Mike for more help with gift ideas and buying, and he did great! He bought gifts for our niece and some of our friends. He was available and open to talk about schedules and activities we could do with friends that we were wanting to do experiences with. 


The ”doing experiences instead of gifts” for some of our friends was a new adventure for us and didn’t go as I had planned in my mind. We wanted to share the experience with our friends, instead of giving something they can do without us. The biggest obstacle I ran across with this was our schedule. Mike and I had a total of 3 days off together in the month of December that we didn’t already have plans or were working. Well, those days filled up quickly. Thank goodness our friends are super understanding and we have something planned this month to do with them. I am really looking forward to it and think it is going to be really cool. 


As far as our Christmas card goes, I asked Mike to help with that and he made a really great card, capturing some of the photo highlights from our year. He not only went through our pictures and decided on the chosen ones, he also addressed, labeled, stamped, and dropped them off at the post office. I barely even touched them. What a stress relief!!


Looking back, I can say I think my heart grew a little larger for the holiday season. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start playing Christmas tunes right after Halloween and our home will never have 23 Christmas trees like a friend of mine has, but maybe next year those days of grumpiness will even be less.

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