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Hi! My name is Stephanie McGurren, but most people call me Steph. I am a certified coach and a registered nurse, dedicated to supporting women during challenging times in their lives.

Helping people has been my calling since I was 8 years old when I knew I wanted to be a nurse. My journey has led me through various changes in my life and career, culminating in my current role as a women's empowerment coach. I believe the world needs more femininity, especially now, to bring softness, love, and support and counteract the violence, anger, and entitlement that seem to be running rampant in our society. I am convinced that women hold the key to bringing love, compassion, and empathy back to our society.

At the age of 15, I joined my local fire department, eventually becoming an EMT when I turned 18. Following high school, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in nursing, launching my nursing career. While I spent most of my career in the Emergency Department, I also gained experience in the ICU and transfer center. Throughout, I witnessed the worst in people—seeing them scared, injured, or emotionally unstable. I faced being yelled at, threatened, and witnessing too many people of all ages pass away. To cope, I learned to suppress many feelings and emotions, reaching a point where I started not to care anymore. It was a wake-up call when I missed one of my patients having a heart attack, realizing I was burnt out and needed to leave the ED (don’t worry, the doctor caught the heart attack right away, and the patient did fine).

During this time, I also grappled with challenges in my non-monogamous relationship, adding to my sense of being lost. Mike and I have been in an open relationship for about 20 years, which aligns more with both of us. However, coming from a Catholic upbringing and being exposed only to monogamy, it was also very challenging. I struggled to find support and advice during challenging times, feeling judged in therapy for being open, I turned to self-help books more than therapists. I felt like I knew nothing about relationships, communication, or myself.

There’s another significant aspect to my story—I am a people pleaser. Regardless of the type of relationship, platonic or romantic, I found myself giving more and more until I had nothing left. Maintaining my happiness became a struggle. It took me a long time to understand why I would one day just blow up. I eventually realized that I did nothing to care for myself or pursue my desires. I felt voiceless, with an opinion that didn’t matter. My lack of self-confidence made me feel unseen and unheard.

Now, things are different. I cherish the challenges in my non-monogamous relationship, viewing them as growth opportunities. I’ve discovered the importance of boundaries and no longer feel guilty when I set and honor them. Over the years, I’ve been helping my friends become better versions of themselves, and now I believe it’s my time to contribute to making the world a better place.

Though I’m a transplant to Denver, I will forever bleed Black and Gold. I speak a bit of Pittsburgh-ese and prefer listening to others than talking about myself. I love to travel and collect passport stamps, and I’m thrilled to explore in our new adventure van, Caezar (IG: AdvanturesWithCaezar), with my husband Mike and Kylo, our fur baby. While I’m a terrible dancer, you can often find me at concerts and festivals. Being near the water is my happy place.

How I can help you come back to yourself

I can help you in a couple of different ways. Sign up for my 6 week course to learn how to “come back to yourself” and learn how to love yourself again. You can opt for one-on-one coaching sessions, where we can work closely on your specific needs.  If you’re not ready for direct interaction but want to get a sense of who I am, you can follow my blog or connect with me on social media where you will learn tips to become more self-confident and finally get back to that person you once where or who you want to be.

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