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Coaching is a working relationship between us. I will push you and challenge you in ways to help you reach your goals. I will also support and nurture you as you gain confidence in becoming who you want to be. I will cry with you. I will teach you to trust that you have the answers within yourself. I will put in my work to be there for you and expect the same from you. I expect you to come to sessions on time and with the willingness to learn. I expect you to put in the work including having the hard conversations, doing your homework, and wanting to grow. I also expect you to give me feedback so I can better help you.

A great coach doesn't focus on teaching you something you don't know, they focus on hleping you reveal theknowledge and skills you have withing and coach you on how to sharpen, strengthen, and expand them.

I have been seeing Stephanie for the last 10 years. The one thing that I have taken from all these years is to look at things from a different angle. She has given me tools to try and see what fits and works for me. I would suggest anybody that's looking for some coaching to help get over the hump in their life, Stephanie is your gal!
I have had the most wonderful privilege of not only getting solid relationship advice but also meaningful life advice as Stephanie has coached me along the way through the happy, sad, rocky, unstable and emotional occurrences I’ve encountered throughout the time of our amazing friendship. Stephanie has guided me along the journey through the ups and downs, grounding me in such a way that I am forever thankful for. She helps bring me back to center, always encouraging me to be extraordinarily me. Stephanie finds a way to positively uplift while directly addressing the conflicts and struggles I’m facing and break them down to understandable elements in order to keep them from becoming too overwhelming in each unique situation I encounter. Her advice and positivity has helped give me the tools to work through the cloudiness and empower me to continue growing each time we talk. I am so thankful and grateful to not only have her as an amazing coach and mentor but to have her as an amazing friend. She continues to teach me new impactful things every single day because she’s showed me how to thrive within myself and persevere through this crazy life! I’m glad that I have the opportunity to connect with Stephanie who helps me connect with myself more and more. Thank you for all you do and always seeing the best in things, pushing everyone to strive for better! You help me to shine brighter each and every day!

Choose to be happy, to love yourself, and to find your purpose in life. Choose to work with me!

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