Welcome to Koru Love! This is the place where you learn how to reconnect with yourself, rediscover self-love, and ultimately show up better in all aspects of your life.

Let me share with you why I chose "Koru Love" as the name for my practice. "Koru" is a Maori (New Zealand's indigenous people) word that means "a spiral," reminiscent of a silver fern unfurling. In Maori culture, it symbolizes new life, growth, peace, and tranquility. The circular shape represents constant movement while also returning to the center of origin. The koru signifies how life is perpetually changing while maintaining an essential constancy. Harmony is found in the balance between the chaos of change and the calmness of daily life. I've observed that women often tend to give a lot of themselves, leaving little time for self-care and sometimes losing themselves in various relationships. This might manifest as mothers prioritizing their children by shuttling them to numerous school, sports, or social events leaving no time for themselves. In romantic relationships, women may forsake their own friends and activities to accommodate their partner's desires. Women can also lose themselves in their professions, especially in the face of workplace inequalities where they must work harder for equal pay and status. Striving for a successful career might become all-consuming, causing a woman to lose sight of her own needs. My goal is to assist you in finding yourself again, discovering peace and harmony in your daily life, and fostering self-love.

Whether you choose to work with me individually, with a partner, or through my classes, you will learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, reduce guilt associated with prioritizing yourself, and explore new opportunities with self-confidence and strength.


Are you ready to come back to yourself?

Are you feeling lost in your life?

Feel like you have no time for yourself?

Are expectations in your life, from  children’s activities to career projects to daily housework, keeping you from doing hobbies and activities that you enjoy? Do you even know what hobbies you enjoy anymore?  

Do you need help learning how to set and maintain boundaries without feeling guilty?

Setting boundaries can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any currently. Even when done with love and respect, if you haven’t set any in the past, you may feel guilty. A guilt that you do not need to carry around anymore.

Not feeling heard or need help communicating better?

Do you feel like you aren’t being heard when you talk? Do you feel as if every time you try to voice your opinion you get shut down? Do you feel like the only way you get heard is when you yell and want to learn new ways to communicate? 

Lost your self confidence?

When you look in the mirror, do you recognize the person looking back at you? Are you happy with that person? Or do you struggle with all the flaws you see and want to hide? Do you wear all black and try to find clothing to hide behind? 

How I can help you come back to yourself

One-on-One Coaching


Book a package and have regular appointments, along with access to me via text or email for any problems that come up along the way.

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Courses and Programs

Courses and Programs

Need help communicating better? Need help with time management and productivity? Follow along for my courses and programs.

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Blog, Articles and Social Media

Blog, Articles, and Social Media

Check out my blog, articles and social media, where you can find tips, tricks, and life hacks all while laughing and learning with me and my life.

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Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. -Lucille Ball

Happy Clients

Here is what some of my clients are saying about me and my programs. 

I have be seeing Stephanie for the past 10 years. The one think I have taken from all these years is to look at thing from a different angle. She has given me great tools to try to see what works best for me. I would suggest anybody that's looking for some coaching to get over the hump in their life, Stephanie is your gal!!
I have had the most wonderful privilege of not only getting solid relationship advice but also meaningful life advice as Stephanie has coached me along the way through the happy, sad, rocky, unstable and emotional occurrences I’ve encountered throughout the time of our amazing friendship. Stephanie has guided me along the journey through the ups and downs, grounding me in such a way that I am forever thankful for. She helps bring me back to center, always encouraging me to be extraordinarily me. Stephanie finds a way to positively uplift while directly addressing the conflicts and struggles I’m facing and break them down to understandable elements in order to keep them from becoming too overwhelming in each unique situation I encounter. Her advice and positivity has helped give me the tools to work through the cloudiness and empower me to continue growing each time we talk. I am so thankful and grateful to not only have her as an amazing coach and mentor but to have her as an amazing friend. She continues to teach me new impactful things every single day because she’s showed me how to thrive within myself and persevere through this crazy life! I’m glad that I have the opportunity to connect with Stephanie who helps me connect with myself more and more.
I highly recommend Steph at Koru Love. Steph was able to help me strengthen my communication skills with my partner, identify triggers from relationships past and develop practical everyday coping strategies. She offers a non judgmental space to work through difficult life events and offers healthy perspective. Additionally, she gave me resources pertaining to attachment styles and triggers I found to be particularly eye opening and helpful. Steph's active listening and ability to be whole heartedly present during our sessions allowed me to feel heard and work through difficult stuff while feeling fully supported. She is one of a kind and truly made a positive impact on my relationship during a vulnerable time. Through my sessions with Steph, I have been able to strengthen the foundation of my relationship and feel better equipped to navigate life with my partner. 10/10 recommend.